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You can enjoy your garden every single day of the year with an artificial lawn because the newest ranges of artificial grass have become a beautiful and practical alternative for gardens.
This durable, unique artificial grass carpet requires very little maintenance, and is a stylish solution for any garden.
The newest generation of synthetic grass is soft, comfortable and appears naturally real.
You will be amazed at how affordable our artificial grass is compared to other similar products in the market.
In this section of our web site we provide you with an idea what we have to offer for residential applications, gardens, balconies, cricket, playground, etc.

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Please make sure you read our Articles page that contains much more specific information regarding synthetic grass and its benefits, to help you make a better choice of product, company and installer.

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Synscape (20mm / 30mm / 35mmLux)

The Synscape range is our flagship grass and we market this specific artificial grass in three different pile heights i.e. 20/30/35mm. Artificial grass cannot look more realistic than our Synscape range.

The Synscape is hands down not only the most popular artificial grass types currently in South Africa but also the MOST Realistic/Natural looking grass, and is used for

garden, balcony, pool, patio, rooms or whatever your need may be.
One of these synthetic lawn types will enchant you and be the perfect choice for your project. Not only do we rave about the Synscape itself, but have a look at the price structure of the product range.

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Look no further than the Synscape range artificial lawn. The grass is a non infill type, and very suitable for any DIY project. The color is described as a ....Kikuyu Grass. Roles are 2m and 4m wide and the grass is priced per m² and is sold per linear meter.

We provide the Synscape range in three different pile heights i.e. 20mm/30mm/35mm.
With all the enhancements/changes we made to our Flagship range, the Synscape is currently the best value for money and in a class of its own.
Because we are not only the longest Artificial grass dealer in South Africa but the leaders in every aspect of the industry (quality, durability and pricing)
many suppliers in South Africa will claim that by imitating our products with cheap products that looks like our Synscape product range and claim there Artificial Grass is pet friendly..
Read below what pet friendly Artificial grass should looks like in construction compare to normal artificial grass.
To make sure you get the best quality of Artificial Grass, insist that it is a Turfscape product,
follow this link to learn more about the cheap imitations and secrets of the trade.

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NEW!!! Synscape Prestige 35mm & Petscape 30mm)

We have listened to our client base, and introduced now two new add-on's to our Synscape range. Making this now the most complete range of Artificial grass in South Africa...

The Synscape range is now officially the most technologically advanced Artificial grass with all the changes we have done to enhanced not only the comfort aspect, but also the quality of the grass, and still feels and look the MOST Realistic/Natural.

A huge part of our customer base asked for a more greenish realistic look, and also a little softer to the touch,
but with the same quality (double backing) and VERY low maintenance aspects that our Synscape has become known for.
Welcome to the Synscape Prestige, a 35mm pile height that has become an immediate favourite with our clients.

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A comparison on the color range of the Synscape Lux and the Synscape Prestige when installed. The Synscape Prestige is also somewhat softer to the touch and is constructed with an S-shaped blade. This in itself make the grass much less prune to the tendency of going flat like most of the current Artificial grass types sold in South Africa.

Our Second NEW Synthetic Grass type just introduced, and is the first in South Africa is the REAL PET FRIENDLY SYNTHETIC GRASS.
This is NOT only a claim like all our competitors but the real thing.


NEW!!! Petscape 30mm)

The Petscape is a 30mm non-infill grass type and is specially designed with a much more porous backing.
This enables the dog urine to drain ten times faster through the backing to the drainage base.
This is axcacktly why it is very important to construct a good solid drainage base at all times when installing any Synthetic grass product.

The only way to identify a true pet friendly artificial grass is by having a look at the backing.

If the backing of the the Synthetic grass does not have this huge drainage holes, it is NOT a pet friendly Synthetic grass product.


Just because animals (yes!!,not only dogs) do love the product in general, does not mean it is a pet friendly product. You can learn more about the cheap imitations and secrets of the trade.




Fiber Grass 173

The pile height of the Fiber Grass 173 is 10mm. Primary schools normally use these Fiber Grass types on their cricket pitches
and the same products is also used on these Putt-Putt mini golf courses.
These Fiber Grass types are ideal for cricket pitches and display stands.These Fibre Grass types are not recommended for a permanent outdoor installation.
The color is described as a Standard green.
The roles are 2.5m wide and the grass is Priced per m² and is sold per linear meter.



The Oval is specifically designed for artificial cricket pitches.
Oval is a superior pitch cover than fiber grass.The main advantages of Oval and Syn Cricket is the control of the speed the ball coming on to the bat, and it offers more grip for spin bowling.
The grass is infilled with silica sand (brushed into the fibers) to protect the fibers and grass from excessive wear and tear. It also act as the stimp speed controlling agent.
Sand required is 4-6Kg/m².
The color is described as a Olive green.
Roles are 2m and 4m wide and the grass is Priced per m² and is sold per linear meter.

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Syn 40

Syn 40 is our football artificial grass. 40 refers to the fiber's overall length in mm. A 50mm and 60mm is also available.
The Syn 40 artificial grass is mostly installed at playgrounds, with the 50/60mm directly underneath the jungle gyms for extra protection and critical fall height.
The Syn 40 is infilled with silica sand and rubber granules to a specific height, making this grass ideal for playgrounds, soft and very durable. An additional R40.00 to R50.00 per m² must be added to the Synthetic Grass price for the infill material.
The color is described as a Spring green.
Roles are 4m wide and the grass is Priced per m² and is sold per linear meter.

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The Pro-Putt artificial grass is another very popular product that is becoming the choice of most golfers.
Most of Pro Shop's putting greens were done by us, using the Pro-Putt artificial grass.A huge advantage of the Pro-Putt is the fact that its stimp speed can be varied from 7 to 10.
This is done by brushing in a very fine washed silica sand between the fibers for optimum speed.
Our Synscape grass is a stunning choice for fringes along your putting green.
The color is described as a Fig green.
Roles are 4m wide and the grass is Priced per m² and is sold per linear meter.

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The Synfine is a very light duty artificial grass that is not suitable for permanent installations.The pile height of the Synfine is 10mm.
The Synfine is mainly used as a temporarily artificial grass carpet for kids to play on in a safe environment or exhibitors for display purposes.
The Synfine grass backing is very soft, flexible and light weight, making it ideal for these purposes and transporting it..
The color is described as a lush green.
Roles are 2m wide and the grass is Priced per m² and is sold per linear meter.